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A gallery with photo booth templates that you can personalise in your browser,
download and use in your photo booth.


CANVA ready-made templates

for photo booth owners.

for photoboothers.

Hi guys! It's Marzena here from Silver Trailer Photo Booth & Flasz Gang Fotobudka. I hope you will love my little idea here!

I hope there are lots of you here like me spending long hours designing prints and these designs are being used just once or twice. Or never! ...hope I won't have many designs like that on here, you will tell me guys yeah? ;D

Each design is made in Canva. The chosen design will get you to Canva template where you can edit names, dates and even rearrange some items on the design.

So here's my idea... for £6 a month you'll get access to all my designs on here! How does it sound?!

In dollars it's around $7, it's like a cup of coffee with a biscuit from you to me for a good job. Not too bad I think! I get to pay for this website and Canva account and stock so I hope there will be few of you on here :) Fingers xxx!

I will be uploading new designs as I go so expect new ones every month!

table flat lay.jpeg
Copy of Black and Gold Strips 6x4 photo

Try before

you buy!

Click on this image and try how it works!

It's free! 

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